Monday, September 12, 2016


When it came time for our second (and final) dinner in Brugge, we had no idea where we wanted to go. We figured we would wander the streets a little bit, and then pick someplace that looked good and didn't have too much of a line, maybe picking up some snacks along the way. At some point after walking through the winding streets, we ended up right across the street from the grocery store we visited earlier in the day and decided to pick up some wafels.

One of the things we knew about eating in Belgium was, when in Belgium, get wafels (and chocolate and beer). We hadn't actually had any wafels yet during our few days in Antwerp and Brugge, and Laurenzino seemed to be highly recommended by others (and our guidebook), so we stopped in for a wafel.

We decided to split a wafel with chocolate and sugar on top. Chocolate is always a good topping for Belgian wafels. Unfortunately, the shop wasn't that crowded at the time, so the wafels weren't being freshly made when we got there and a few were already sitting out under the heat lamps. It was still good, but we imagined that it definitely would have better had it been made fresh.

Considering how much walking we would do before finally finding a place to eat dinner, it was probably a good idea that we split this wafel for a snack. It seems that in the 6 years since our visit, Laurenzino has closed (according to Foursquare via Timehop). Although it wasn't the best wafel we got on our trip, it was satisfying and we're glad the shop was there.

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