Thursday, September 1, 2016

Seafood Paella

They were sampling this seafood paella on our last visit to Trader Joe's, which reminded me that I still hadn't posted our thoughts on it. We may have tried this a few months ago, but we actually remembered a fair amount about it, even before trying it again last weekend.

Product: Seafood paella

Price: $4.99

Quick (or this time, maybe not so quick) review: The seafood paella at Trader Joe's is in the frozen section, and we found it around the time when the spinach pie had first gone missing. We were looking for alternatives to the spinach pie (still haven't found a good one), and thought maybe this paella would work. The bag didn't seem all that big, but we thought maybe it would be enough for dinner. As you can see from the pictures, it shrunk a lot in size as it cooked, and we didn't end up with that much paella to eat, barely 2 small rice bowls. It was definitely not enough for dinner for two.

The main paella ingredients were yellow rice (colored with turmeric), shrimp, squid, mussels, peas, onions, peppers, and various spices and seasonings (including fish powders and saffron). To their credit, the seafood didn't come out rubbery or overdone when following the package instructions (heating covered in a pan for a few minutes until the shrimp were opaque and cooked), and the flavors of the paella were pretty good. Not as good as well-done restaurant paella, but still good. Unfortunately, our biggest issue with it was the size. It was pretty similar in price to our beloved spinach and kale pie, but nowhere near as filling. That was filling enough for dinner, and this was like an appetizer or a side dish for us. Not a replacement for the pie, sadly.

Buy again? Not for us. The taste was fine, but considering the price (which was likely high because of the inclusion of all that seafood), we needed it to be more filling than it was in order to make it into the rotation. Maybe it would be filling for one of us, but that's not good enough.

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