Friday, September 2, 2016

Chocolate Marbles

I have no idea when we bought these chocolate marbles from Trader Joe's. We put them away in our "snack box," and then I found them again a few weeks ago during a periodic clean-out looking for expired food. By that point, they were "best by" the end of May, so a little old, but we figured they were still safe enough to eat. We had been pretty excited to try these chocolate marbled truffles imported from France, and I really loved the marbled design.

Each color was a different flavor. Green was almond praline, orange was hazelnut praline, blue was chocolate mousse, white was coconut, brown was caramel, and yellow was crispy cookie. I knew the flavors, but A tried them blindly to see if he could figure out which flavor was which. (He is better at that than I am.) Unfortunately (and most likely due to their age), the flavors of the truffles weren't that distinguishable or recognizable for a lot of them. The chocolate mousse was probably one of the better ones, due to it just tasting like chocolate, and probably also the praline ones. They may have been better if they had been fresher, but can't turn back time to see if that's the case. We're not sure if these are still for sale, but considering we get a free monthly Godiva truffle, we probably wouldn't pick these up again even if they are.

Lesson learned though (again): Don't "save" treats. Just eat them!

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