Friday, September 9, 2016

Khao Man Gai NY

Earlier this summer, we stopped by the Urbanspace Broadway Bites market for a lunch break as we wandered the city hunting Pokemon. Since it was a Saturday afternoon, it was pretty crowded, but relatively manageable. One of the stands that caught our eye was Khao Man Gai NY. We remembered that they had won a Vendy Award as a market vendor, and decided to start our lunch adventure there.

Although we really like khao man gai and it would have made sense to try their namesake dish, we were really drawn to the tom yum noodles on offer as well. It was really tough to decide between them, but eventually we chose the tom yum noodles, figuring it would be easier for us to share that one. The dish was rice noodles mixed with pork belly, ground pork, fish balls, peanuts, Chinese celery, scallions, bean sprouts, chili paste, and lime juice. It felt a bit like eating pad thai but with all the spicy and sour flavors of tom yum soup. We had never had noodles like that before, but were pretty satisfied as the taste was excellent.

Coming in at $10, the noodles weren't cheap, but nothing at Urbanspace ever is. We did really like them though and would get them again, along with maybe trying the khao man gai and maybe one of their Thai iced tea varieties. Although this summer's Broadway Bites is a distant memory, Madison Square Eats starts up tomorrow, and they are scheduled to be part of the fall market, so maybe we'll make it down there to try some more good stuff.

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