Sunday, September 11, 2016


After having some beer at the brewery, we wandered the streets of Brugge a little bit more, ending up at a grocery store called Delhaize. We wanted to pick up some snacks and some breakfast, since we had run out of the breakfast bars we had gotten from Albert Heijn, but also we just wanted to visit our first grocery store in Belgium as part of our usual grocery store exploration.

Most of what we found in the store seemed pretty standard, although we did find some bottled packs of Brugse Zot, the beer we had just consumed after our brewery tour. Since we only had one more night in Brugge, we didn't feel the need to buy a six-pack, but it was nice seeing it for sale in town.

I enjoyed browsing the condiments section, something I like doing at home too, finding samurai sauce (similar to what we had on our Vleminckx fries), other fry sauces, and tons of mayonnaise (which, technically, would also be a sauce for fries). There were a lot more mayo varieties there than I had seen at home.

The beer aisle was also well-stocked. In addition to the Brugse Zot, there was all sorts of other "local" beer. It's great when you can call stuff like Chimay and Leffe local. We didn't drink as much craft beer then as we do now, so at the time, we thought people in Belgium were pretty spoiled with so much good beer. They still are, but there's plenty of good and interesting stuff at home now too.

I think I just thought these cookies and crackers looked fun and interesting, but I'm not really sure why else I took this picture. Because of the Smurfs, Spongebob, and the Simpsons? It's been 6 years. I have no idea.

We were amused when we wandered into the frozen section and saw bolognese pizza. We had already been commenting on how everything in Brugge seemed to be about bolognese, so seeing even more bolognese (and there was more than just the pizza) just reinforced that point.

We didn't buy a ton of stuff from our grocery visit. We did pick up one of these Magnum Gold bars that had been advertised all over Amsterdam while we were there, and ate it while walking back to our hotel (in circles, as we got slightly off track again). From what we remember, it was a relatively standard ice cream bar with a little salted caramel, but good quality.

Our mini grocery haul - breakfast bars (really just Special K bars like we have at home with red berries), Yakult (most of which A drank in the hotel room that afternoon), strawberry fruit-tella candies (sweet and very chewy), and some big bottles of water. Not a very exciting haul, but we weren't looking to pick up a lot during our travels. I think this was the only grocery store in Belgium that we really spent any significant amount of time in, so we were glad we were able to make the stop.

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