Sunday, September 4, 2016

Lemony Greens and Pearls

On the night we had the arugula pizza, we paired it with a salad full of fresh ingredients from Trader Joe's (the benefits of a same day shopping trip). Here's a couple of quick reviews for the salad stuff we tried.

Product: Organic lemony greens blend
Price: $2.49
Quick review: This was our first time trying these greens, as we usually pick the non-organic because it's cheaper and has more greens per bag, but these looked the best that day and we also wanted to try something new. The blend was a combination of arugula, dock (which is supposed to give it its lemony taste), spinach, and red oak lettuce. Although they were supposed to be "lemony greens," we didn't taste much lemon or citrus or sour flavor to them. They were just greens, like all the other salad blends, but the quality was pretty good (not perfect but pretty good).
Buy again? Maybe, if they are the best looking greens that day.

Product: Mini pearl grape tomatoes
Price: $2.69 (at the time, but I think they might be more now)
Quick review: We have gotten these tomatoes several times before, whether it's for salads or to cook with, and they are usually pretty good (unless they are not ripe enough and we skip those orange-y boxes). They are often nice and firm and juicy, which makes them perfect for salad.
Buy again? Yes, as long as the quality looks good that day.

Finally, just a word on the sweet onion and bacon vinaigrette that we reviewed in connection with the medieval challenge. Back then, we noticed that there wasn't a huge amount of onion or bacon flavor, at least not as much as we had been expecting or wanting from it. We used up the remainder of that dressing with this salad, but there was a huge difference. Even though we shook the bottle up fairly well that time, it seems like a lot of the onions and bacon bits were still on the bottom of the bottle, and they made the dressing so much better when we had it this time. We still like the sriracha ranch better, but perhaps this dressing should get a little more credit than we gave it in the last post.

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