Saturday, July 16, 2016

Arugula Pizza

Now that our favorite spinach and kale pie is done and discontinued (still very sad about that), we don't really have a go-to convenient frozen dinner to take its place for busy nights, like nights we go grocery shopping. As a result, we've been trying new things, like frozen pizzas we've never tried before. I originally intended to pick up the new pepperoni pizza for dinner, but they were out. Plan B was this arugula pizza ($3.99), which is apparently imported from Italy.

The arugula pizza takes pizza dough and tops it with mozzarella cheese, cherry tomatoes, arugula, parmesan cheese, manchego cheese, provolone cheese, pecorino cheese, and a bunch of other seasonings. We had never had this as a sample before, but it sounded good. Also, I liked that it had actual tomatoes and arugula in it, instead of tomato sauce being the only "vegetable." (Remember when Congress declared pizza a vegetable because of tomato sauce?)

The pizza was very easy to make. They suggested putting it directly on the oven rack, but I've never really been that comfortable with that so we used our baking sheet and added a little extra time. Their recommendation for baking on the oven rack was 12 minutes if you wanted a crispier crunch. We probably did it for 15, since we like our pizza cheese a little bit browned.

We liked this pizza. The flavor was good. It crisped up nicely in the oven. It wasn't that expensive. It had vegetables. Good enough for us. Was it as good as actual restaurant pizza? No, but we weren't expecting that. We were pretty satisfied with the choice (especially when paired with a salad, more on that another time), and it reminded us that we used to buy frozen pizza a lot more back when we lived in Chicago. Not sure why we don't do that as much here, but maybe it was easier transporting the giant pizza boxes home when we drove to the grocery store there. Who knows. What we do know is that we have a lot more TJ's pizzas to try.

Buy again? Yes. We might try some other ones first so we can pick a favorite, but this was good.

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  1. Try the Pizza 4 Formaggi and the BBQ chicken! Those are our favorites.