Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Green Curry and More

Another TJ's product reviews post, this time for stuff from the green curry chickpeas recipe.

Product: Thai green curry simmer sauce
Price: $2.49
Quick review: Super flavorful curry in jar, very convenient, not as much sodium as some other simmer sauces. It's so much easier adding this jar than making our own curry, and pretty inexpensive at $2.49 for a single jar. Definitely easier (and possibly even cheaper) than getting our own coconut milk, soy sauce, cilantro, chili peppers, lemongrass, ginger, and all of the other seasonings that make up the curry sauce. We haven't tried the other simmer sauces at TJ's so we don't know if this one is the best, but we definitely like it.
Buy Again? Absolutely, and we already have multiple times.

Product: Organic whole carrots
Price: $0.89 for 1 lb
Quick review: The few times we've been able to get these, the carrots have been good quality, and they're so much cheaper than the carrots of many colors. But half the time, they don't have any when we're there. I guess they sell well.
Buy Again? Yes.

Product: Baby spinach
Price: $1.99
Quick review: Like all the other greens at TJ's, hit or miss depending on the quality and the day, but at least it's cheaper than a lot of other places.
Buy Again? Yes, when the quality is good, but it's often dicey.

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