Friday, February 24, 2012

More Chipotle

A few days after my goodburger visit, I decided to backtrack on the block by block challenge and go to Chipotle since I had skipped it the first time around. I got my usual order - the burrito bowl with chicken and all the toppings other than hot salsa, sour cream and guacamole. I go back and forth on this Chipotle outlet because sometimes they're generous with their bowl filling and other times they can be really cheap. This time was in the middle but on some of the salsa toppings (which are my favorites as they're the healthy vegetable part) they were a little stingy.

I've written about Chipotle a few times before, but since then, they've made some improvements to their offerings. One is that they now offer brown rice instead of just white rice. (We had this at the test kitchen before and liked it, so we're glad they expanded it.) Also, now there are more salsas. They've added the mild salsa from the test kitchen but also kept the pico de gallo mild salsa they had before. I get both of them in the bowl. I like the "new" mild salsa but at the test kitchen I always missed having the pico de gallo. Being able to have them both is great.

Chipotle doesn't get very much praise from a lot of blogs, but I am a fan. I don't care if it's a chain - the food is relatively healthy (if you're on the color diet or just looking for a reliable place to get vegetables and balance in your meal) and they do have good practices when it comes to the products they use (just watch their ad which I love). I've tried most of the midtown Chipotle stores (and am quite proud of it!). Now I want some corn salsa...

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