Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Jamaica Coffee Shop

We wandered around the Eixample area of Barcelona for most of the afternoon and found ourselves wanting a drink break.  Perhaps it was all the walking that our bodies were not used to because of our usual sedentary lives, but we were hungry again and decided to also get a snack.  The Jamaica Coffee Shop, on the corner of Rambla de Catalunya and Carrer de Còrsega, looked good and we stopped in.

We got two drinks - a frappé xocolata (chocolate frappé) for A and a fruites del bosc (berry) smoothie for M.

A enjoyed his frappe. It was back in Greece that he fell in love with the cold, coffee drink.  This was, as evidenced by the picture, laden with chocolate syrup.  It had a rich, chocolate-y flavor to pair with the cool coffee.  M liked her berry smoothie.  It was sweet, smooth and cold - perfect for a break on a warm afternoon.  The flavor of the mixed berries (raspberry, blueberry, blackberry) was really good.

We also got the pollo barbacoa (bbq chicken) sandwich, which came with some potato chips.

The sandwich had grilled chicken lightly covered in bbq sauce, some sliced tomatoes and lettuce on a hero-type roll.

The sandwich was pretty good.  It tasted light and healthy, which was nice for a snack.  As with most of the food we had in Spain, all of the ingredients were very fresh.

Our stop at Jamaica Coffee Shop was a nice break before we continued on our walk around Eixample. Sometimes you just need to take a break!

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