Tuesday, March 27, 2012

45th Street North Side (5-6 Ave)

Another block finally done! Take a walk with me down West 45th Street between 5th and 6th Avenues (and if you want to see the other side of the street, go here)...

The first place to eat on the block is a street meat cart, which I skipped even though it smells so good because I couldn't tell if they cooked any broccoli at the cart. (If you know anything about Mr. Khan's Best Food, please let me know if they use broccoli.)

The first place I tried was the hot soup cart, where I enjoyed some wedding soup.

Technically there was a Starbucks next, but I'm saving my Starbucks visit for the flagship in Times Square if I should ever get to that block. So, next up, I got an eggplant parmigiana sandwich at Little Italy Pizza and took notes on everyone else's pizza orders.

At Cafe Manhattan, I got a pretty good gyro with waffle fries.

Chipotle is next on the block and I got my usual order, but before that, I stopped in at goodburger (which is now closed) for a lunch that ended up being disappointing.

At Sophie's Cuban, I finally tried something other than a baked chicken sandwich and got a tasty ground beef stew and way too many carbs.

Taz (formerly 19 Metro Market, similar to Cafe Manhattan) closed before I could try it and it's not really clear if they ever had Vietnamese food for more than one day.

Antalia is too expensive for me for an eat-at-my-desk lunch unless I just order a salad or a couple of appetizer spreads, but I highly recommend it and have ordered from them plenty of times both at home and at work. (You can read about their mercimek kofte, one of my favorite things, here and their cigars here.)

Sun Yip was the last stop on the challenge, where I had a carby chow fun and a delicious variety from the buffet.

Resette is the last spot on the block but also out of my price range, so I skipped it.

Pondering what block should come next... any ideas?

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