Saturday, July 30, 2011

Free Gruyère

One of the things we really loved about our long layover in Geneva was relaxing by the lake and taking in the city. We watched the marathon and the marathon "cheering" groups, looked at the boats on the lake and enjoyed using the free city wifi. (Why can't we have that?) At one point, we noticed a large crowd of people and went to investigate.

Lots of people were grabbing small samples of cheese that this man was chopping:

So we got some too.

We later realized he was also cutting up blocks of cheese that people were buying. I guess these were samples to try to entice you to buy Gruyère.

It seemed like there was a big Gruyère festival as there was also a band there...

... playing the theme song from "The Rock." (Love that movie, but no idea what it has to do with Gruyère.)

Around the back of the exhibition, more promotions for Gruyère:

And in the cooler, more free samples that they gave away to passersby:

We were super excited to get free Gruyère! If you're not familiar, Gruyère is a Swiss hard yellow cheese, and because of controlled origin, it can only be made in Switzerland. The samples were as good as any Gruyère we've had, or even better, since it didn't have to travel far. Authentic Swiss cheese for our day trip to Switzerland!

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