Thursday, July 28, 2011


I love how European airports have full supermarkets and not just newsstands with snacks. While in Geneva, we spent some time sightseeing at Migros. A few photo highlights:

variety of pizzas

vegetable combinations made easy - wish we had these

tarte flambee - a special place in our hearts because of db bistro, so we love tarte flambee

not just food but cute stuffed animals for souvenirs too

the sour gummy candy we bought

There was a surprising lack of gummy candy in Geneva and I noticed there was no Haribo (my favorite brand) in the stores we visited. We tried the Bizzl mix here which was some sour fruit-flavored gummy candy, but it wasn't that sour or that fruit-flavored. It was fine, but not Haribo.

Do you know of any US airports with full grocery stores inside? I don't think I've ever seen one!

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