Friday, July 29, 2011

Katchkie Farm's Awesome Sandwich

I don't think we have ever introduced you to one of our favorite sandwiches: the turkey and cheese sandwich from Katchkie Farm.

The sandwiches come in all different shapes and sizes

Katchkie Farm shows up at various greenmarkets with items for sale (like produce or jars of pickles or sauces) as well as ready-made meals (sandwiches, cold soups, pickles, beet chips). A few years ago, I happened upon their booth at the Rockefeller Center Greenmarket, got both the vegetable and turkey sandwiches over the next few weeks, and haven't been able to get the turkey sandwiches out of my head since then. Unfortunately, the RC Greenmarket is only around for a month each summer, but Katchkie started going to Port Authority on Thursdays for their mini-greenmarket, so whenever I'm lucky enough to have time to walk at lunch, I can venture over there year-round. Being at Port Authority also means that A was able to try their sandwich, which he also really likes, so now we both can enjoy it!

So what's in this awesome sandwich?

I want another sandwich just looking at the photo...

Turkey, cheddar cheese, greens from the farm, caramelized onions and bread made by Bread Alone. You have to try it. One of my favorite turkey sandwiches ever. It's really the ingredients that make the sandwich, as the combination of turkey, cheese and onions isn't exactly revolutionary. Their ingredients are just that good!

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