Sunday, July 24, 2011


We started our honeymoon journey on a cramped overnight flight from Newark to Geneva. As we mentioned before, we weren't sure how good the food would be on the flight so we got a snack from Smashburger before leaving. That turned out to be a good idea because the food was mediocre.

A and I got different entrees (there were two choices). But otherwise, both dinners were the same. They each came with a salad:

As you can see, it's a rather boring salad. Mostly iceberg lettuce, with some tomato, cucumber and carrots. The only thing that made it less bland was the dressing. But the only dressing option was an unhealthy caesar dressing. Neither of us really thought too highly of the salad.

The meal also came with a cold boring dinner roll and a package of milano cookies. A likes milano cookies, so I gave mine to him.

A's entree was chicken with tomato sauce and green beans over rice. It wasn't too bad. Relatively healthy and way better than mine. At least it had flavor.

My entree was not very good at all. I got spaghetti thinking it would be a safe option. It shouldn't be that difficult to make a good pasta (or at least a decent one). I also figured that, since the meals were probably sitting for some time, pasta might be a better choice since the chicken could easily dry out. I was so wrong.

The dish was flavorless. There wasn't much tomato sauce at all and what was there didn't have very much flavor. It felt like eating just for the sake of eating, without enjoying the actual food. The meatballs were dry and didn't add much flavor either. How can meatballs have no flavor?! I ate the whole thing because I was hungry for dinner but it was so bland.

Throughout the entire dinner, I just kept thinking about how our last flights had much better food. The last time we left NYC for Europe, it was on KLM and we had this fantastic and healthy chicken curry meal. I was not impressed by Continental's dinner. A had a better meal, but was still not that impressed.

If I was not impressed by dinner, I was even less impressed by breakfast.

Breakfast consisted of a croissant, some canteloupe and honeydew, and a little packet of strawberry jam. Not healthy at all! We already have such a reputation in the US for eating complete crap, and the airlines can't even serve a healthy container of yogurt? (That's what we had on KLM last time.) It was mid-May and the height of allergy season, so I couldn't eat the melons either. All I ate was the strawberry jam. Woohoo, that's a great breakfast. Although A didn't have as many issues with it as I did, he still thought it was nothing special.

This flight, combined with the next 4 flights on non-US airlines, confirmed what we had already been thinking about flights. The food on the non-US flights is so much better. Lesson learned!

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