Saturday, February 26, 2011

Brie, Pomeranians and Wedding Soup

Today was a really odd weather day. It was on the cold side when I left for work (wind chill around 40), quite cold when I left work late at night (wind chill around 20), but 54 degrees (no wind chill) when I went to lunch. How are you supposed to dress for that? I had my big puffy down coat (which I really needed at night) but that was way too much coat for 54 degrees!

I saw that Hale and Hearty had wedding soup today, so for once, I knew where I wanted to get lunch before I left. I've written about their wedding soup before and also just generally about my love for wedding soup. This time I ended up going to the one in Rockefeller Center. It was a split second decision, choosing between that one and the one that is 3.5 blocks from the office, and it really had to do with the cold. I ditched the coat at lunch, going out in just a long sleeved shirt and a skirt, and it was a bit chilly. Going to Rock Center meant I could walk outside for 1.5 blocks and then take the concourse. (I have a feeling that if our building were connected to the concourse, my winter/rainy weather eating habits might be totally different.)

I don't particularly like the design of this H&H. I like the ones where you get your soup, progress to the sandwich station and then to the register. This one seems a little turned around. But it was after 2, so it wasn't that crowded and less of an issue.

I was intrigued by the chicken chili so I tried that. I almost changed my mind and got the chicken chili. Almost. It was really good, and is served on top of rice. (And generally, I love chili.) But I came for the wedding soup since they don't have it all the time, so I should just get it, right? I decided to try a sample of that too. In the end, I think I went with the wedding soup because I had already committed to it, but I am keeping an eye out for the chicken chili, because comparing sample to sample, I think it might have been better (and I think it's better than the turkey chili). (With all this rambling, is it obvious that I'm not posting this from my iPhone? Still need to get a new laptop...)

With your soup at H&H, you get a choice of regular bread (I think it's sourdough, never gotten it), 7 grain bread (got today for the first time) and oyster crackers (which I have gotten every other time). I think I'm going to stick to the 7 grain from now on because it's better for you and I really don't need oyster crackers to snack on throughout the day on top of my popcorners (which I love more). (Yes, one day, I snacked on oyster crackers, popcorners and Joe's O's all day. Aiya.)

On to the sandwich. I think I've gotten the same sundried tomato chicken sandwich on ciabatta the past 3 or 4 (or more) times I've gone to H&H. It's really good! But I forced myself to try something new today and got the smoked turkey with French brie, which came with lettuce, tomato and honey mustard, on Italian stirrato bread. It was good (and the bread is definitely less oily than the soft ciabatta), but I think my standby is better. I really should try more of the sandwiches since I keep going there. Sadly, you can't "sample" them the way you can with the soups.

The last part of the post title is pomeranians. The pomeranian in today's calendar picture is hilarious to me. Doesn't it look like she's flirting with the camera? (Am I assuming it's a female dog from the flirtatious pose or the pink background? Hmm, now questioning my assumptions.) The calendar description calls her puffy. I know the subject line makes it sound like there's more of a story, but really, it's just that pomeranians are really cute.

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  1. Yes, my first thought on seeing that pomeranian was that it was being very flirty!