Monday, August 23, 2010

Cool Breezes

Hello there, remember me?

It's been awhile. Things got really hectic. We threw our at-home wedding reception for over 350 people and the weeks leading up to that were incredibly busy. It was like a second (or third?) job. After the reception, I got sick for awhile (damn ear infections). But now I'm back and hopefully I can get back to my resolution to blog every day!

You might notice that I haven't talked about food yet. I wanted to clarify something that we might not have mentioned in the earlier posts. This blog isn't just about food even though "eats" is in title. We like to eat (hence the title) but we want to talk about all of our adventures on the blog, whether they involve food or not. Hopefully we'll have some exciting things to talk about in the coming weeks.

But for now, onto the food...

Today it was in the 60s. It felt like fall, my favorite season. It was cloudy, on and off raining (not my favorite weather). It rained so hard on my walk to work that my socks were soaked and my sneakers hadn't dried by lunchtime. The breeze was strong and cool. It felt like the middle of September, not August. By tonight, the rain was gone and we were just left with a light cool breeze. I love it.

But considering the 15-20 degree temperature drop, it felt like soup weather. I looked up Hale and Hearty's soups for the day and saw that they had clam chowder. Not the Manhattan kind, or the New England kind, but "Rhode Island" (the clear one). I knew this as Boston clam chowder in my college days at the dining hall, but either way - I wanted it.

You might have figured this out from the picture above, but I ended up getting a really late lunch. So they were sold out of the clam chowder. Sad day.

I briefly considered chicken couscous (it looked good) but decided on the turkey chili. It had a different texture than most chilis which are less broken up and more meaty and beany. (I think I'm just making up words now.) I'm not sure how to describe it, but this felt more like a sauce and a soup than a chili.

It comes over rice, so I decided to try it anyway. It had a nice flavor, but it was really subdued and mild. It was a little on the oily side, I learned, as I took off the cover to see all the oil on top. It was still a good soup, but not as good as some of the others I've had from H&H before.

To finish off the combo, I got a guacamole chicken wrap which also had tomatoes, onions and greens. It was fine. I like some of their other sandwiches better (especially the ones with basil), but it's always good to try something new.

I'll probably get something else (both soup & sandwich) next time I head over to H&H. These weren't bad, but I've definitely had others that I like better. Maybe they'll have wedding soup next time. I like their wedding soup. The weather forecasters claim it'll be back up to 88 degrees by the weekend. So it might be some time before I go back for more soup!

Hale and Hearty Soups has multiple locations in Manhattan. I usually head over to Rockefeller Center or Bryant Park. You can check their daily soup menus on their website.

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