Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Boi Noodles

So once more I get to mention a lunch spot around my office. Seriously, the West 30s are really really good for cheap, tasty food.

I went to Boi Noodles about a week or so ago since I had a craving for some banh mi. I've had banh mi from a few different spots in my life, both in Chicago when I lived there and now also in New York. Overall Boi is pretty good. The best I've ever had is still in Chicago up near Argyle. I can't remember the name of the place, but I had a shrimp omelette banh mi that was simply unbelievable. Back to Boi, though...

The flavors of the meats are good. I've had their Banh Mi "Saigon" which is Jambon, VN Ham, BBQ Pork, and Pate and also their BBQ Pork in 6 spices. Both are very flavorful, and they put just the right amount of meat in to not overpower the sandwiches and also to make sure there is some meat in each bite. All of their sandwiches are also stacked with the standard Mayo, Cucumber, Cilantro, and Pickled Carrots and Daikon all on a toasted baguette. They also put sandwiches into a low-carb wrap if chosen, but seriously, anybody that knows me knows better than to waste my time suggesting that :)

Pictured here is the BBQ Pork in 6 spices.

Top view showing the pickled carrots and daikon

May not look like it, but there's a good amount of meat in there

The only issue I have with the sandwiches is the baguette. The really good banh mi I've had have all had really good bread. Those baguettes had a less toasted feel to them. The outer crust had a good stiffness but didn't flake or crunch off from over toasting, and the insides were nice and chewy. Boi Noodles' baguettes are a little over toasted so the crust leaves a lot of crumbs and can be a bit tough to bite into. The inner bread also isn't as chewy as I would prefer.

Overall, the sandwiches are tasty. Maybe some day I'll try their Pho, but it really hasn't been cold enough for that recently. Plus, for the price (currently $7.50 as of this posting) they're a great value for a solid lunch.

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