Sunday, February 6, 2011

Food Gallery 32

Late in December, the long-awaited Asian food court opened in Koreatown. Food Gallery 32 is (obviously) on 32nd Street, and features multiple stalls, each specializing in different types of dishes. There's also a self-serve Red Mango in the front, and a side wall with drinks, kimchi and other cold prepackaged offerings.

A went to the food court for the first time a couple of weeks ago and today we went there together for the first time. There are so. many. choices. I remember reading in college about how the mind gets overwhelmed when there are too many options. That definitely applies here.

The registers where you order (for all the eateries) are at the front of the food court. They then give you buzzers and you pick up the food from each restaurant when it's ready.

Some of the food stalls - it was an off time but still really empty

We decided to try multiple items so we ended up with buzzers from 4 places:

We'll write up what we ordered in future posts since this one's just about the food court itself, but overall pretty good.

They also have a decent amount of seating. The second floor has a balcony area overlooking the food court with a counter and a row of tables. That's where we sat tonight. But they also have a third floor which is much more empty. I feel bad for the crepe people. Their stand is all the way up on the third floor and no one seems to know that they're there.

So many options... we'll just have to go back!

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