Friday, November 6, 2015

November 2015 Custard Calendar

The custard calendar for this month was different from any other month we'd seen before. Instead of laying out a whole month of flavors, the last couple of weeks were reserved for some adorable penguins proclaiming new holiday flavors that were being unwrapped. That seems pretty exciting (even if it's a reminder of just how close the holidays already are). I started talking about the return of Christmas cookie or our favorite chocolate hazelnut, but then A reminded me that it said new flavors. Really curious about what those will be. Hopefully they'll be as good as our favorites.

Anyway, since the last day of Shackenstein came and went while we were still on our way home from London, there were only 2 flavors to ponder on the calendar this month. The first one, this week's flavor, salted maple, is new to us, but other than maple ginger, we haven't ranked any other maple-containing flavor higher than a 5 or a 5.5 so who knows if we would like this one. The other flavor, next week's flavor, grandma's apple pie, has been on the calendar for the past two years in November, but we've missed it every time. We were always interested in trying it, so maybe third time will be the time we finally get it. Can't wait to see what new flavors the penguins bring!

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