Monday, November 9, 2015

Vegetarian Black Lentil Soup

Colder weather is returning to NYC which means I get to start going back to Hale and Hearty to be the unofficial taste tester! Today was my opportunity to try the Vegetarian Black Lentil soup. M and I just had some of the most amazing black dal while out in London (that recap is coming later), and while I knew that there was a 99.99% chance this soup wasn't going to be as good, I wanted to try it anyway because I figured the flavors would be different overall. Hale and Hearty states, "This is a thick soup made with exotic black lentils and mild chili peppers."

The soup only had two distinguishable ingredients that I could see, black lentils and onions. Overall there was not a ton of big flavors, but the soup itself was very thick, warm, and comforting. It also had just the right amount of flavor with salt and what was either rosemary or thyme. There was a mild spice kick to the soup that helped contribute to the warmth of the soup. This is definitely a soup I would get again as it's healthy, filling, and good comfort food.

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