Monday, November 16, 2015

The Penguin Surprise

When we read this month's custard calendar at the beginning of the month, we were pretty excited to see what holiday surprise custards were in store. I started poking around on the website last night to see if I could find any hints, and found this article on holiday shakes. Would those be in addition to a fun set of holiday custards or in place of them? We'd have to wait and see.

When you go to look at the custard calendar now, all it gives you is a list of holiday shakes, which are part of a "custard calendar takeover." Well, that's too bad. We were hoping for fun custards to celebrate the season, and instead of a changing lineup of new custards, there are 3 shakes on the lineup for 7 weeks. Kind of disappointing. Is this type of simplification what happens when the company becomes publicly traded?

I'm not a huge shake person, and I don't really go for whipped cream, so I don't see myself getting one of these shakes. I'd really rather have the sugar cookie frozen custard with the red and green sprinkles just as a custard... which is basically the old Christmas cookie custard flavor that we really enjoyed. I wonder if you can still get that in non-shake form. Otherwise, no custard for me for 7 weeks, which is probably better for my waistline. A likes shakes, and chocolate peppermint and Christmas cookie are the types of flavors he would enjoy, but he's not feeling super compelled to go there and get one.

Oh well. Feeling a little misled by the original calendar which promised "unwrapping new holiday flavors" for the custard calendar, not a single holiday set of shakes. Maybe we'll head over, maybe we won't, but the "surprise" is now unveiled. At least this season's penguin ornament is pretty cute.

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