Thursday, November 19, 2015

Spicy Black Bean Dip

We were supposed to eat this Trader Joe's fat free spicy black bean dip a long time ago. I bought it intending to eat it with corn chip dippers, but almost every time I bought corn chip dippers, I finished the dippers before I remembered to open the dip. As a result, it sat in our pantry month after month, bag of corn chip dippers after bag of corn chip dippers, and then I realized last week that it was a month past its best by date. Oops.

I was expecting this to taste like some bean dips I've had before - very thick and creamy, kind of like refried beans in a jar. This wasn't like that at all. The sour flavor was quite strong. I don't know if that's because it sat in the pantry for so long or if that's how it's always supposed to be, but that's what we tasted. The ingredients in the dip are black beans, water, tomato paste, onions, distilled vinegar, honey, salt, jalape├▒os, spices, and garlic, so the sour flavor isn't that surprising. The fact that it didn't taste just like refried beans shouldn't have been that surprising either.

The dip was fine, but we didn't love it. Even if we ate it when it was super fresh, just after purchasing, I still don't think it would taste like the refried bean dip I was expecting it to be. Also for something called "spicy black bean dip," we didn't really notice anything spicy about it.

Buy Again? Probably not. It might taste different or a little better if it were fresher, but I'm not sure we liked it enough to give it another try right now.

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