Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Burton's Daily Fish 'n' Chips

Whenever we go abroad, one of the things on our to-do list is always to visit a grocery store (or two or three). Not only do we usually need to pick up some bottled water and breakfast bars, but we also like seeing what different things they have and what snacks we might be able to try. At the end of our week in London, we visited the grocery store closest to our hotel, Morrisons, and stocked up on all sorts of snacks and treats that we knew we wouldn't find at home. That included things we hadn't tried during our week in London but looked interesting.

The only problem with doing that is that you then try the snacks at home for the first time, realize you really like them, and then get sad when you remember you can't just run down to the local grocery store to get another package. That's what happened with these snack biscuits - Burton's Daily Fish 'n' Chips. I was intrigued by their pickled onion flavoring, since we had pickled onion rings earlier in the trip, and decided to take a bag home with us. The store also carried curry sauce flavored biscuits, which I should have also bought, but I didn't know I would like these so much.

When I opened the bag, I was surprised to see 5 little bags inside. Clearly I missed the part where it said they were snack packs and was completely focused on the part that said pickled onion. I thought they would have the crispness and texture of Goldfish crackers, probably because some of them were shaped like fish, but they didn't at all. They did have a crispness when you bit into them, but instead of an airy inside, they were like a soft cracker. Kind of like a Ritz cracker, but better. I used to be addicted to those, so no surprise that I liked these. It was also pretty cute how they were shaped like fish and chips.

The flavoring was definitely pickled onion. They were really sour, so not for people looking for some mild snack. We appreciated the strong flavoring of pickled onion, because it made the biscuits so different from anything we had gotten before. Having read more about them now, it seems like they were really popular in the '80s, disappeared for a while, and now are back by consumer demand. That gives me hope for snacks like Tato Skins. Maybe we can get those back too, the real ones, not the TGI Friday's ones which are just not the same. Anyway, back to these snacks. They're really good, and I'm glad they are individually packaged snack packs so we can save the other 3 packages a little longer without them going stale. Really wish we had picked up more of these and also the curry sauce ones...

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