Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Good Sleepless Morning

As we got closer to the British Isles, it was time for breakfast service on our Virgin Atlantic flight. They had mentioned the breakfast boxes and their contents on the dinner menu, so we knew they were coming. We had been hoping to sleep the entire time between dinner and breakfast, but unfortunately for us, there was not much sleep to be had. At least there was good entertainment and a very informative map.

Each breakfast box was the same - raspberry yogurt, a packet of granola, and a small fruit cup with mostly melons and few grapes. (I skipped the melons because of their effect on seasonal allergies.) It was a nice, healthy, nutritious breakfast. So much better than giving out danishes or rubbery eggs or whatever they used to give out on domestic flights back when airlines served food.

After breakfast, we didn't really try to go back to sleep because we were so close to London. We were pretty excited, and the detailed, changing map on Virgin Atlantic's app was such a joy to watch for a geography geek like me. We were almost to London when they came around with another snack - these little rolls of Love Hearts.

Visually, these seemed to us to be a cross between Smarties/Sweet Tarts and Sweethearts. Unfortunately, we didn't like the flavors as much as Smarties or Sweet Tarts. They were a little more sugary and had less tartness to them, which made them a little more like Sweethearts. They also disintegrated in your mouth about as quickly as Sweethearts. We weren't huge fans, but we were happy to have our first UK snack.

Soon after our final snack, we descended out of the sunny blue skies into rainy London, which was blanketed with thick clouds. We were just happy to finally be on the ground. We were completely exhausted, but ready to start our adventure!

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