Sunday, October 2, 2016

Off to Boston

To get to Portland this summer, first we flew to Boston. It might sound a little weird to fly from New York (technically, New Jersey) to Boston instead of just taking a direct flight to Portland, but the time and price with the layover were a better fit, so we figured we might as well take the detour. The layover wouldn't give us enough time to leave the airport and explore, but neither of us had ever been to Logan Airport before, so we planned to just hang out there and have a nice leisurely meal.

Before our flight to Boston, we grabbed a quick lunch from Currito Cantina, which we remembered we had seen at a rest stop in Maryland earlier in the year. They had a sit-down restaurant but we stuck with the grab and go case and ate by our gate. We only picked up one salad to share because I had eaten a giant breakfast of leftovers from our Sticky's dinner from the night before and wasn't that hungry, and we also had plans to eat when we got to Boston. A chose the ensalada mixta (romaine lettuce, pico de gallo, corn salsa, black beans, applewood smoked bacon, cotija cheese, guacamole, and lime dressing). The salad was good, very light and refreshing, and exactly the type of thing we like to eat on a travel day. The only criticism we had was that it probably would have been better if parts of it hadn't frozen in the to-go case. Aside from that, it was great having a place with fresh vegetables instead of all the fast food and sandwiches.

Since the flight from New York to Boston was really short, JetBlue only did express service instead of their full menu of snacks, which made sense. The choices were water or soda (water for us), and cookies or chips. We both went for cookies, which we didn't remember being on the snack menu during our last flight and came in cute packaging.

Mini chocolate chip cookies like these always remind me of the cookies I used to bring to school when I was younger. I liked these, but I don't know if it was because of the cookies themselves or nostalgia (or both). I got another bag of cookies and also some Cheez-Its on the flight to Portland, but didn't take any pictures of them since I didn't open them until it was already dark outside. A fell asleep and missed snack service on that leg. We love the free snacks on JetBlue and hope they'll never take those away.

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