Monday, October 24, 2016

Citi Field

Back in June, we wrote about the food at Yankee Stadium and mentioned how much more we prefer the offerings at Citi Field. We were lucky enough to be able to go to a baseball game at Citi Field this summer, but since we got to the game a little late and lines were long, we pretty much limited ourselves to places with short waits. That turned out to be a great move though, since it was how we ended up at Papa Rosso, one of the new spots this year.

Papa Rosso was the new pizza place at the ballpark run by Danny Meyer. We figured the pizza would be good, especially since we had previously had the pizza at Marta (also Danny Meyer, and which we will someday write about) which was delicious. There were three options - pepperoni, margherita, and mushroom and cheese. We got two pizzas, since if we were still hungry, we could always just buy something else.

The mushroom and cheese pizza was topped with fontina, ricotta, pecorino, mushrooms, and rosemary, and the margherita was pretty standard for a margherita pizza with crushed tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil. Both pizzas were really good. The flavors were great, and the crusts were crispy but still soft inside. Between the two, we preferred the mushroom pizza because it had more flavor, but they were both good. This isn't grading on a curve either because it was pizza at the ballpark. It would have been just as good from an actual non-ballpark restaurant.

Midway through the game, we found out that our tickets (which we had gotten from a friend) also included access to the Promenade Club. Since a lot of the food kiosks had lines, we decided to venture in there to check out the options. We were greeted with shorter lines and options for wings, empanadas, arancini, and where we ended up going, the Goya burrito bar. We had seen a nachos stand outside that looked really good, so we got some chicken nachos, covered in rice, beans, pico de gallo, salsa, jalapeƱos, lettuce, cheese, and guacamole. Not the best nachos ever, but certainly good enough for a ballpark snack.

When people talk about Citi Field eats, they usually mention Shake Shack, the Pat LaFrieda steak sandwiches, or now, Fuku. But even outside of those very popular ones (with long lines), there's plenty of other good food all over the ballpark. We haven't been to every ballpark, but Citi Field has to be near the top when it comes to the breadth of options for food. As far as food goes, it's always an enjoyable place to catch a game.

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