Thursday, October 20, 2016

Parsnip Chips

We bought these chips earlier this summer, but didn't get around to eating them until now. They should still be at Trader Joe's though, since we're pretty sure we saw them on our last visit.

Product name: Parsnip chips

Price: $2.99 for 5.2 oz bag

M's quick review: I picked up these parsnip chips when they first came out, thinking they would be a healthier version of potato chips. They were crispy, sort of like potato chips, but so much sweeter than I was expecting them to be. They grew on me a little bit as I ate more of them, but they were still sweeter than what I was looking for from our snack time. The chips I liked the best were the ones with more salt on them because the salt balanced out the sweetness more.
Buy again? It's a no for me. They're fine, but I prefer other TJ's chips.

(We forgot to take a picture of the chips themselves before we ate them all, but they did pretty much look like the picture on the bag)

A's quick review: Eh, these are okay. They're sweeter than regular potato chips since they're made of parsnip. I prefer less sweetness when it comes to my salty snacks so this was a little less pleasant in that regard. I also feel like these were a touch greasier than some of Trader Joe's other chip offerings.
Buy again? I don't think I need to get these again since there are better options out there in my opinion.

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