Sunday, October 23, 2016

Brasserie Horta

We only had a short time to spend in Brussels (1.5 days), so we tried to make the most of our only full day in the city. One of the places we were really interested in visiting was the Belgian Comic Strip Center, so it was our first stop that day. Belgium has a pretty rich history when it comes to comics, originating both the Smurfs and Tintin among others, and the museum looked pretty cool. (It was, although we probably would have appreciated it much more if we had more than a rudimentary knowledge of Dutch or French.) Before visiting though, we were pretty hungry and there weren't really any other places open and/or nearby to eat, so we grabbed some lunch at the restaurant on the ground floor of the museum, Brasserie Horta.

As usual, we started out with some drinks that were the same price as water, Orval (€3.90, all prices as of 2010) for A and Mort Subite Xtreme Kriek (€2.75) for me. After getting kriek the night before at dinner, I was completely hooked on that cherry-infused beer. Our introduction to kriek was one of the bright spots from that dinner at the Grand Place.

I had already had a couple of spaghetti versions during our time in Belgium, so I decided to once again go with spaghetti bolognèse (€8) for my order. It was a giant plate of pasta covered with a very generous helping of cheese. For the price, it was a much larger portion than I thought it would be. 6 years later, I couldn't tell you which spaghetti bolognèse was the best we had during our entire time in Belgium, but while this was fine, I'm relatively sure we preferred the ones we had in Brugge.

A ordered a dish from the section titled "nos suggestions du moment" (which probably needs no translation) - penne au pesto vert, crème et lit de Jambon de Parme, parmesan (penne with green pesto, cream, prosciutto di Parma, and parmesan cheese) (€14.95). It was pretty much what the description said it was - penne pasta in a cream sauce with some prosciutto. I don't really see any pesto in the picture, just parsley. A remembers that the bites with prosciutto tasted better, but neither of us really remember enough about this dish to comment any further. It was fine, but it's been 6 years.

The one thing I will say about this brasserie was that the portion size, at least with my spaghetti, was quite a good deal. There was so much spaghetti that between the two of us, we just couldn't finish it. We hate leaving food behind (and there was no way we could box that up and save it), but we just couldn't eat any more of it.

Overall, our meal at the brasserie was fine. It definitely served its purpose, providing us enough fuel to make it through the afternoon. I don't know if things have changed in Brussels since our visit 6 years ago, but since it was a Sunday, the area near the museum was completely empty. I have so many pictures from our walk from the metro to the museum with not a single other person in them. Needless to say, there weren't many options for eating other than the museum's restaurant. Although not the most exciting choice, it worked well enough and the food was good enough. Just probably not a place we would go out of our way to go to if we weren't going to the museum.

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