Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Jalapeno and Honey Chevre

This was the August spotlight cheese at Trader Joe's, which we liked when we tried it earlier in the fall. We thought it was gone after August, but then we saw it in the cheese section tonight when we went to the store, so we were pretty happy. No idea if it's back for good, but hopefully it'll be a permanent addition to the chevre selection.

Product name: Jalapeno and honey chevre

Price: $2.99

Quick review: We're fans of most chevre from TJ's (at least the savory ones we've tried), and this one was no different. You could definitely taste the jalapeno in this cheese, and it was fairly spicy, more than we expected. That said, the jalapeno was balanced out by the sweetness of the honey and the creaminess of the cheese. We thought this flavor of chevre really worked well.

Buy again? Yes. (Just in case it's not back for good, we bought two more today.)

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