Monday, October 3, 2016

Icelandic Yogurt

On a recent visit to Target, they had a giant sale on yogurt. One thing we noticed was that the Icelandic yogurt was on sale. Since we prefer not to spend over $1 for yogurt, we had never really tried them before, as they are usually closer to $1.50 or $2 each. We were excited to try Icelandic yogurt for the first time, and picked up a whole bunch of flavors - Siggi's blueberry and Smari key lime for both of us, Smari coconut for A, and Smari vanilla for M.

A's review:
The first thing I noticed about all of the Icelandic yogurt I tried was that it was far less sweet than the US brands. I liked that a lot as the sweetness tended to mask or overpower the flavor of the actual yogurt and the fruit/ingredients within. That being said, most of the yogurts tasted very, very similar. The lack of added sugar (which is definitely a good thing) also meant that the flavor adds weren't overly sweet as well. Because of that you definitely tasted less of those flavorings as well.

For the actual flavors, I liked the Key Lime the most as it had that bright, tartness from the key limes. The blueberry and coconut didn't really have a discernible difference in flavor, though the coconut yogurt I scraped off the lid had a very sweet, coconut flavor. That was mostly nonexistent in the yogurt cup itself which was odd. The blueberry was similar. I could see the blueberries mixed into the yogurt but didn't really taste too much of them. I really didn't mind much, as mentioned, since I just liked the flavor of the yogurt.

One final thing that I really liked about these yogurts was that both brands had removable paper labels that you can recycle. It's really cool that they did that to be a little greener and eco-conscious. It really fits in with everything that I've ever seen/read about Iceland being very eco-friendly and mindful.

M's review:
I liked these yogurts. Similar to A, I liked that they were less sweet than a lot of the yogurts being sold nowadays, especially by the bigger name brands. Even though these were thick and creamy, they were a lot lighter than the whole milk Australian yogurts we had tried earlier this year, and that fit a little better with my personal preference. I didn't notice a huge difference between the brands, but the vanilla was probably my least favorite, just because it didn't have that strong of a flavor. The key lime and the blueberry were both pretty good. If there were another sale, I'd get these again or maybe try some other flavors.

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