Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Noosa Yoghurt

On Friday afternoon, A was headed back to the office from lunch when he ran across someone giving out free yoghurt (and trying to offload the rest of their supply). They had 3 different flavors, so he grabbed one of each flavor so we could both try each one. We had both seen Noosa yoghurt in the store before, but had never tried it as it was never on sale, so this was the perfect opportunity. Noosa is an Australian-style yoghurt made with whole milk, honey, and fruit purees, and having never tried Australian-style yoghurt before, we were excited to test them out.

First up, lemon.

M's review: I didn't love this one, not because of the texture or style, but the flavor. The texture was fine - very creamy and smooth. The flavor, even though it was supposed to be a natural lemon curd, just tasted a little artificial to me, like lemon candy. It's kind of the same problem I often have with orange-flavored stuff. It was okay, but I wouldn't get this flavor again.

A's review: I liked this as the lemon tasted sort of like a lemon candy. Would I have liked it more were it more like a fresh lemon flavor? Maybe, but this was still good. What struck me with this yoghurt, and something I noted in every flavor, was that this seemed creamier than most other non-Greek yogurts I had eaten in the past.

The second one we tried was blueberry.

M's review: I liked this one much better than lemon, confirming for me that the problem wasn't the brand or the style, but the flavor itself. The blueberry flavor here was really natural, and there were actual blueberries mixed in (the small wild ones, not the big ones a lot of other places use). It reminded me of when I would buy vanilla yoghurt on its own and mix in the frozen Maine wild blueberries we have in the freezer, just very natural and full of real fruit. I would get this one again.

A's review: I liked the blueberry flavor more than the lemon. It tasted more like actual blueberries (though slightly sweetened), and they were whole enough blueberries to still have a little bite to them. It was a much more naturally flavored yoghurt as compared to the lemon.

The third and final yoghurt we tried was the strawberry rhubarb.

M's review: I really liked this one, and it's tough for me to decide between this one and the blueberry as my favorite. What I liked was that this one had a mild sweetness and wasn't overly sweet like a lot of strawberry yoghurts are (the reason why I avoid a lot of them). It tasted really natural, which I also appreciated. I'm not an expert on rhubarb flavor, so I'm not sure how much of that was there, but I liked the flavor overall.

You may have noticed that the lid phrases changed in every picture but somehow through luck of the draw every single one of A's said xoxoxo!

A's review: I liked this flavor a lot. They didn't make the strawberry syrup overly sweet, and it really tasted of strawberries. The rhubarb also added a really nice texture to the yoghurt. I don't know if I liked this or the blueberry more, probably the blueberry if I'm being honest since I think the blueberry really let the overall flavor of the blueberry shine through a little more than the strawberry, but they were both really good.

Overall, we thought the Noosa yoghurts were pretty good, but we did like some flavors better than others. We would be interested in trying some of the other flavors, like maybe the Colorado-exclusive blackberry serrano, or (from those probably more widely available) blood orange or pineapple, so we'll keep an eye out for sales or good prices in the future for sure.

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