Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Mango O's

If you've walked around Trader Joe's lately, you've probably noticed that there is mango everywhere. Candy, cereal, body butter, salad, slaw, flatbread, mochi, sorbet, salsa, popcorn, ginger chews, pretty much anything you can think of, there's a mango version - even babka. Hopefully we'll be able to get a few mango product reviews posted before the season ends!

Product: Mango O's

Price: $3.29 for 11 oz box

Quick review: We didn't actually purchase these, but M's parents had on a previous mango-filled visit, so we tried them at their house. This cereal takes the usual O's cereal and adds in mango puree to the O's themselves, and then also pieces of freeze dried mango. M isn't a big cereal lover, but she wanted to try these just to see if they'd be a good snack. She had a piece with the freeze dried mango and thought it had nice mango flavor, but was a little on the sweet side. A thought this was far too sweet to be a daily thing. The sweet, sugary mango pieces completely overpowered the cereal pieces, and as is often the case with freeze dried fruit they had an odd, not quite natural flavor.

Buy Again? Not for us, as it's much sweeter than we would like for cereal. M's parents have started mixing it with other (non-sweet) cereal, which balances it out a little bit, and maybe it would be good with some vanilla yogurt, but this isn't a cereal we need to have.

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