Sunday, June 12, 2016

Southwest Chicken Quesadillas

Even though it's apparently now "mango season" at Trader Joe's, here's a quick review for something non-mango...

Product: Southwest Chicken Quesadillas (from "Taos Joe" which amuses me)

Price: $3.69 for 2 quesadillas

Quick review: These quesadillas were pretty good, although I found them a little on the salty side (despite being only 490 mg of sodium per quesadilla). I found them more flavorful than some of the other microwavable Mexican and southwest items at TJ's, probably due to how much stuff they have packed into each one. They weren't super thin quesadillas without much filling, but instead they actually had quite a bit of meat and vegetables, which I liked. Inside each quesadilla, there was monterey jack and pepper jack cheese, chicken, corn, peppers, spinach, black beans, and various seasonings to give it that "southwest" flavor (stuff like cumin, cilantro, chile peppers, paprika, and more). It was pretty easy to prepare it in the microwave, and it made for a really quick and easy lunch. Would it have been better out of the oven or finished off in a skillet? Yeah, probably, but the whole point of getting this for me is for lunch to be simple, convenient, and lazy.

Buy Again? Yes. Maybe not every time since it's a little salty and it's more cost-efficient to get something like vegetable burgers, but at $1.85 per quesadilla, it's definitely a good lunch for the price.

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