Saturday, June 4, 2016

Corn Chip Dippers

I probably should have titled this post, "Ode to Corn Chip Dippers," or something like that, considering how many bags of these chips I've bought over the years. We've bought more bags of corn chip dippers than any other chips at Trader Joe's by a huge margin. I've always liked corn chips, but I never bought Fritos this frequently. These are pretty comparable to Fritos as far as nutritional value; these have a little less sodium and calories, but nothing major is different. I can't explain why, but for some reason, even though I like Fritos, I just like these better.

Bag of corn chip dippers in our hotel in Cleveland

Considering how often we buy them, I'm still surprised that we haven't posted about them yet (although I shouldn't be considering our backlog). We've definitely mentioned them before - about eating them with chili, with bean dip, and with black bean and corn salad. We've eaten them with salsa every so often. But more often than not, we're just munching on them plain. They're just that good.

Nice snack especially on the road

I really, really, really, really hope Trader Joe's never gets rid of these corn chip dippers (which, by the way, are $1.99 right now). Far too many products get retired from the lineup, but hopefully all of our purchases of corn chips keeps them on the shelves. This is obviously a yes as far as our usual "buy again" question, and it's definitely on our next shopping list.

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