Thursday, June 2, 2016

Coconut Water

We're huge fans of coconut water, and A especially loves it. The usual problem with coconut water is that it's fairly expensive. Earlier this year, we were looking into drinks that would replenish electrolytes instead of just drinking regular tap water, so we decided to pick up a 1 liter container of coconut water on our next visit to Trader Joe's. It was $2.99, so not cheap, but not as bad as some other brands.

One thing we noted once we tried it was that the TJ's coconut water wasn't as sweet as other brands we've had in the past and also since. That's actually a good thing as it was even more refreshing since it was less sweet. If we ever find that TJ's lowers the price on this, then we'll definitely consider grabbing as many as we can to stock up, maybe even a case. It's really just that much better in our opinion.

A couple of TJ's trips later, M found herself dehydrated while shopping and grabbed a smaller sized coconut water on the way out, $1.49 for 500 milliliters. It was nice that TJ's didn't charge a premium to get a smaller size. The coconut water was a really refreshing treat. We would definitely buy this again, but for right now, we only pick it up every so often because of the extra cost.

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