Monday, May 23, 2016

Welcome Sticky's

We've been watching the progress of the new Sticky's Finger Joint in Hell's Kitchen over the past few months, and for a while, they've looked almost ready to go. Of course, the day that we didn't check on them was the day they actually opened with a special on $1 baskets of chicken. Oh well. In any event, this weekend was opening weekend, so we decided to go check them out. Service was a little slow and the staff still seemed like they were learning what went into each menu item, but considering they had barely been open for 2 days, we weren't expecting service perfection.

We ordered 2 things - a basket of fingers and fries and a wrap sandwich (they said the wraps were only on the menu at this location). There are 2 options when you order a basket. You can either get it plain, which is just 3 fingers, fries, and a sauce (a little takeout sized dipping container of sauce), or you can get a "signature" basket, which adds on a bunch of pre-designed toppings and douses all of the fingers and fries in sauce. We opted for the second, and got the General Sticky Tso style, which meant Sticky Tso sauce, scallions, hot peppers (pepper flakes, not actual peppers), and black and white sesame seeds. A had been in the mood for General Tso's chicken for a long time, so he was immediately drawn to that one.

The difference in price between the 2 baskets is a little less than $3, so you're paying (quite a bit) extra for more sauce and some garnishes (and I guess the fact that it's a composed combination). That said, the basket was pretty good. There was enough sauce and toppings to cover all 3 chicken fingers and the fries, the sauce was tasty (although a little salty, but we were expecting that because General Tso sauce is usually salty), and the chicken fingers themselves were succulent and a nice size. We were pretty happy with these, although the upcharge to get the toppings does seem a bit disproportionate to the amount of food actually added.

For the wrap sandwich, I opted for the spicy classic, which included a couple of spicy chicken fingers wrapped up with greens, tomatoes, onions, cheese, and chipotle mayo. We really liked this. The flavor reminded us a lot of the Fuku finger crunchwrap from Mission Cantina (which we still haven't written about, but will hopefully get to soon...) but without the crunch. The spice on the chicken seemed similar, and that zesty chipotle mayo was also comparable. Everything in the wrap worked well together.

We had a nice opening visit to Sticky's and are glad they're finally open, since we love fast casual and the more options in the neighborhood, the better. We're also fans of chicken fingers, so I think we'll be back here quite a bit.

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