Monday, May 9, 2016

Doughnuts on the Road

Last week, Food Network Magazine and the Sweetery food truck teamed up for another promotion, this time called "Doughnuts on the Road." We've enjoyed this promotion in the past, trying out different cupcakes, popcorn, and macarons, and were really looking forward to this one. (If there was one last year, we must have missed it.) The doughnuts sounded so good, and the location-based flavors for each travel sponsor always give us a little bit of wanderlust.

A stopped by the truck at its first stop while on his way to work. A was glad that he got there so early as the line was already starting to curl back on itself when he arrived. Thankfully they had all of the options as he really wanted the king cake doughnut. M was sure that he would get the key lime pie, but he had been craving king cake for so long, and without access to New Orleans during Mardi Gras there was no way to get it without spending tons of money.

Unfortunately this didn't really taste like the king cake he had had earlier in his life, but it was still good. There was a nice bite to the skin of the doughnut followed by the pillow-y insides. The frosting was fairly standard vanilla, but it paired well with the doughnut and the sprinkles strewn on top. All in all, it was a good doughnut, but it wasn't king cake.

M went to the penultimate stop, about halfway through the truck's time there, and was super excited to get the king cake doughnut too. She thought of a couple of other flavors as "backup" just in case they had run out of king cake, but it was primarily going to be dictated by whether or not they had filling, as she's not a huge fan of doughnuts with filling.

When there were about 10-15 people in line in front of her, they made an announcement that all that was left was vanilla and key lime pie. Vanilla? There wasn't even a vanilla doughnut listed on the card. When she got to the front of the line, she asked the person handing out the doughnuts if either had filling. They said no, so M picked the key lime pie, figuring she should try the doughnut that was actually part of the travel promotion.

The no filling thing was a lie, as there was so much filling in the doughnut (way more than it looked like in this picture), and in fact, that's where most of the lime flavor was. The doughnut itself seemed okay, but it was totally overshadowed by all that rich, creamy filling. M caught a glimpse of what looked like someone else's vanilla doughnut when leaving the event, and it looked like a regular glazed one with sprinkles, so she had such chooser's remorse. Too bad.

The king cake was clearly the winning doughnut of these two, so at least A got to try it!

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