Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Breakfast Trash

The Ample Hills Flavor Frenzy tournament ended about a month ago, and we're still sad about the results (and still catching up on posts). It was a multi-round bracket tournament between ice cream and sorbet flavors that would lead to one flavor making it back into the permanent rotation for the year. We voted in every round, and the majority of our choices all lost. It was pretty sad. For the last round, the votes were tallied based on how much ice cream sold. We went multiple times to "vote" for our favorite and were pretty invested in our candidate. Which, of course, lost. Sigh.

The battle came down to Peanut Butter 4 President (the reigning champion, who we're hoping can now be retired from competition since it has won twice), a peanut butter cream cheese ice cream with peanut butter chocolate ooey gooey butter cake, and Breakfast Trash: Frooty Edition, a cereal-infused ice cream with clusters of Froot Loops and Fruity Pebbles. We tried both of them, but the Breakfast Trash completely won us over. Not as surprising for me since I seem to like lighter flavors (my favorites there are both marshmallow based ice creams), but for A, a huge lover of peanut butter, to choose Breakfast Trash should prove to you how good it was.

We were completely invested in the Flavor Frenzy tournament (which I'm sure was the goal), which led to me repeatedly refreshing all the social media channels all the time to find out who won. We were hoping we'd be able to get more of that sweet cereal milk ice cream with all the cereal bits in there all year, but as we watched how quickly the peanut butter was selling out at our local location, we became increasingly resigned to the fact that this might be the last time we would be able to get this (unless we got lucky and it made a surprise appearance some other day or unless it made it to the finals next year). When the inevitable news popped up that Peanut Butter 4 President won, we were so sad. Next time, Breakfast Trash. Next time. Until then, we've got some pints of Light Side (we'll write about the Star Wars ice cream soon) in the freezer to console us.

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