Saturday, May 14, 2016

Vanilla Bean Yogurt

Continuing on with the Trader Joe's yogurt posts...

Product: Nonfat vanilla bean Greek yogurt

Price: $0.99 for 5.3 oz

Quick review: The first thing I noticed when I opened this yogurt was the flecks of vanilla bean. In most vanilla yogurts, you get vanilla flavor but no evidence of actual vanilla bean. Perhaps I should have expected it given the name of the yogurt, but I didn't. There was "natural vanilla flavor" in the ingredients list higher than vanilla bean, but I was impressed that it had real vanilla bean in it at all. The second thing I noticed was the texture, nice and thick like the other TJ's Greek yogurts, probably my favorite thing about their Greek yogurt line. The vanilla flavor of the yogurt wasn't especially strong, not as strong as other yogurts (even other TJ's vanilla ones), but I liked it overall.

Buy Again? Yes, unless I'm looking for a stronger flavor, in which case my vote is still for black raspberry.

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