Monday, June 15, 2015

Crack Jack Turkey

I stopped off at Lenwich (formerly known as Lenny's) for lunch today after a very rainy run. I had seen recently that they were offering a $7 credit on LevelUp, so lunch seemed like the perfect time to use it. I wasn't sure if that credit was in connection with their Lenwich rebranding or the launch of the app or both, but whatever the reason, I was excited to use the credit and get a discount on my favorite sandwich there, the C1 that I've mentioned here before.

I was so confused when I went to go order my sandwich. A lot of the menu boards had been reorganized, and I couldn't find my favorite C1 anywhere! I started thinking maybe it was gone but I finally found it under the menu heading for "market sandwiches" with its new name - crack jack turkey. It was basically the same exact sandwich as the C1, but with the addition of chipotle sauce. 

As a "market sandwich," it was also now a dollar more than it used to be, bringing the price to $8.99 if you got it on ciabatta or brioche (or $10.49 if you wanted it on a hero). A lot of the other sandwiches were a little cheaper if you got them on a roll (which was what I used to do anyway), but this one didn't list that option. I asked for my sandwich on a whole wheat roll, but it still came up as $8.99, which was kind of disappointing since the other sandwiches were less for rolls. A few minutes later, they said they didn't have any whole wheat rolls anyway (as usual), so I asked for ciabatta since I paid for it, but they were out of that too. I ended up getting it on a regular roll, but still at the ciabatta price, which was a bit annoying. Good thing I was using my credit for this sandwich!

The sandwich tasted as good as it always did, so at least the quality hasn't gone down with the rebranding. The addition of chipotle sauce didn't really do anything to the sandwich though, so if that's why the price got increased, that was kind of a waste. It was spread somewhat unevenly, so only parts of the sandwich had the flavor of chipotle mayo. It really wasn't necessary. I'd rather have my regular C1 back for $7.99 instead.

As I ate my sandwich, I tried to savor every bite, as I'm not sure when I'll get this sandwich again, somewhat on principle since I'm a bit annoyed with the price increase. I know in some ways that's just spiting myself, but a lot of the other sandwiches, including A's favorite Lenwich (that's the name of it) and my second favorite Jimmy T, are the exact same price they were before, so why did they raise the C1? I might get those other ones as I build up my LevelUp Lenwich credit, but I'm not sure I'll be seeing the crack jack turkey again until I earn enough for a free sandwich.

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