Monday, June 8, 2015

Stumptown Coffee Cardamom

The first Shake Shack custard for June was Stumptown coffee cardamom. We were both curious to see what this would be like, but had a feeling this would be more of A's type of custard than M's (remember coffee and donuts?).

M's thoughts:
I'm one of those rare people who doesn't drink coffee. It puts me to sleep. (Yes, seriously, it does.) I've never particularly liked the taste of coffee either, as I've learned from trying regular coffee, flavored coffee, coffee candy, and coffee ice cream over the years, which is probably a good thing because of the whole sleep-inducing thing. Anyway, I did want to try this custard to see how the cardamom flavor would mix with the coffee. I didn't really taste that much cardamom, and found the coffee flavor a bit overwhelming. Maybe that's because I don't drink coffee so my taste buds aren't accustomed to the flavor, but I found it really strong. I could still taste coffee on my tongue over 10 minutes later. Needless to say, I didn't love this one, but I think if you like coffee more than me, you might think differently. It wasn't bad. Just not my thing.

A's thoughts:
I love Stumptown coffee. Every roast I've ever had from them was so rich and flavorful so I was really intrigued by this flavor. My only concern was that, with coffee, I tend to drink it black. I don't like muddling the flavor of coffee with milk/cream and sugar. When I tried this, I liked the initial coffee flavor, but it was too muddled by the sweetness added to make the custard more palatable. The cardamom seeds came out here and there, but overall they were fairly forgettable. I ended up being really disappointed because the custard lost a lot of the beauty and bold flavor of the coffee that was used to make this. I think I'll just drink my Stumptown moving forward.

Stumptown Coffee Cardamom
A's rating: 5/10
M's rating: 6/10

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