Friday, June 5, 2015

Summer Clam Bake

So even though I have an aversion to hot soups in hot weather, I was really intrigued by Hale and Hearty's "Tastes of Summer" offerings. Even though I've been in the Northeast for nearing 10 years now, I've never actually gone and found a good summer clam bake. So even though this isn't a traditional clam bake, at least it's clam bake inspired.

This soup comes loaded with corn, onion, potato, and clams. The corn was mildly sweet but seemed muted compared to some really good, Midwestern sweet corn. I wasn't expecting that level of greatness for the soup, but I was a little disappointed that the corn didn't have more flavor. The broth was also mild. You got a hint of clam juice but not too much of one. The clams themselves were a touch on the chewy side, but they had good bite and flavor. The potatoes were able to hold their texture even late into the afternoon when I went. They hadn't by that time, been stewed into mush.

Overall, this soup is very mild and light but still filling. The corn doesn't add as much sweetness as I would have hoped, but the textures and flavors are mostly solid. I'm not sure I'd get this again more for the fact that it's getting to be warm again as opposed to it being a bad soup. Who knows, though, this year's weather has been pretty crazy.

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