Sunday, June 28, 2015

Baltimore Weekend

5 years ago in June, we went down to Baltimore for a quick weekend trip, mostly centered around the Baltimore Orioles and Maryland crab. We had a great time and sampled a bunch of different local eats, which was fun to reminisce about while doing these recaps (which we managed to get done just in time to meet our self-imposed "deadline" of 5 years later (to the month)).

If you missed any of the posts, here's a summary of our quick weekend trip. We drove down to Baltimore on Friday night, stopping along the way for some burgers and curly fries at Roy Rogers in New Jersey. We closed out the night with cheesy chili fries, chips and salsa, and drinks at Chili's with some friends while catching the Blackhawks game. There wasn't a ton to do around BWI that we knew of.

Saturday brought a relaxing and epic crab feast at Canton Dockside and lots of (okay) ballpark eats at Oriole Park at Camden Yards. Even though we weren't thrilled with the ballpark eats after having such delicious crab only hours earlier, it seems like the options have changed and improved over the past 5 years, so I think it would definitely be worth checking out the eats there. Honestly though, you're not really going to Camden Yards for the food. You're going because it's a gorgeous ballpark and a great place to catch a game. It was one of the first ballparks I visited outside the ones in New York, and its beauty really made an impression on me back when I was a teenager!

Before leaving Baltimore on Sunday, we stopped by Pappas for some excellent crab cakes that had more real crab meat than any crab cake we've ever had. We can only dream of getting crab cakes like these somewhere near home.

It's 5 years later, and it was only a short weekend, but we finished recapping another trip!

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