Sunday, March 30, 2014

Pacific Flounder

I don't dislike the Trident seafood brand. They make delicious salmon burgers that have a permanent spot in our freezer. But I dislike (greatly) these Pacific flounder fillets we got at Costco. They were a really affordable price, but that was probably the only thing we liked about them.

They're paper thin, not meaty like they appear in the package photo. They have random bones, even though they claim they're boneless. They fall apart easily when cooked instead of staying together as a single fillet. They also smell and taste fishy, even though they weren't expired. And since they aren't vacuum sealed as individual fillets (and they are so small that it would be such a waste of packaging to do so), it made the entire freezer smell like fish every time we opened the bag (even after we put them in freezer bags inside the bag).

We love flounder. But we couldn't wait to finish this bag of fillets (which is finally done). Not going to buy these again. Do you have a favorite frozen fish from Costco?

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