Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Thanks to Chuck

I'm skipping ahead 2 entries on the block by block challenge to talk about today's lunch. Hopefully I'll have time to go back and talk about those 2 sooner rather than later. Sorry for the light posting -- it's been crazy busy here and I've been practically living at the office.

Today I went to Subway. I was kind of dreading the day after Cafe Cello (one of the missing posts) because the next restaurant on the block was some Brazilian place that usually has the gate down (but today they didn't but I think they are still closed down), and then Subway. Technically today should have been an Eddie's Pizza day, since their food truck was on the corner (and I haven't been there yet and it comes before Subway) but it was cold (23 degree wind chills) and they had a 15 minute wait (and I have work to do). This is the 2nd time I've had to skip Eddie's Pizza (last time was rain/cold, as I hope to write about some other time) and I was hoping to get there today for the City Harvest promotion but that's probably a reason they were even busier. So, Subway it was.

I don't HATE Subway, but I wasn't really looking forward to going. I have had plenty of Subway sandwiches in my time, mostly because my parents used to get them on the weekends for lunch after the gym all the time. Lots of turkey sandwiches where they would count out the number of slices they would give you, and put the stack back once you hit your limit. It just felt cheap to me, like they couldn't just let you have one more piece of cheese. Really, would it be so awful?

I think I have been to Subway for lunch once since I started working here five years ago. Once. I almost went back for the Save Chuck campaign but something must have come up because I never made it (and I am on board with anything that would save Chuck).

Which brings me to today. First Subway visit (by choice) in ages.

I guess Chuck made an impact on me because I went with the meatball marinara footlong (on Italian herbs and cheese bread). It doesn't look anything like the one on the show, but I didn't expect it to, since that's made for TV. I added a whole bunch of extra toppings even though it's a meatball sub and didn't really need anything, just because I could. Although I guess "tomatoes" sounded like pickles at first, so now there's pickles on my meatball sub (which aren't actually that bad).

It's actually not bad. I'm not running back to get more tomorrow but I might go back again. I think if I return I'll stick to the $5 footlong menu though because it feels less bad that they are being cheap with ingredients when the whole sandwich only costs $5. (Unlike other places... I don't think I posted a pic of my not-very-filled Europa sandwich and that was over $7.50.) And $5 for lunch is a good price. Always up for a deal.

Edited to add: I realized later in the day when doing my calorie counter that the calorie count that I thought applied to my sandwich only applied to the six inch and not the footlong meatball marinara. Talk about shocking. A footlong meatball marinara is close to hitting my daily calorie limit. That must not make the list of Subway "diet" foods.

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