Thursday, December 2, 2010

Leftovers for Breakfast

It's been a busy few weeks (with no real end in sight), so blogging has been light. I'm still wondering if we'll finish our trip blogging by year end. It would be nice but probably not.

Since I'm short on time, I'm not going to blog right now about the continuation of the block by block challenge (from Tuesday) or my unexciting visit to Europa today for an uninspired sandwich because I didn't even have time to continue the block by block challenge. Another time.

Instead, I'll talk about breakfast. That's usually easy because it's a granola bar. But not today. Today I finished off my portion of the Thanksgiving leftovers (and A finished the rest for dinner).

Stuffing, carrots, onions, shiitake mushrooms and asparagus. Now, that is my kind of breakfast. Doesn't it look good? Too bad I can't have this every day. I love leftovers for breakfast. It was what I did all through high school. A nice delicious start to the day.

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