Sunday, December 19, 2010


Today was our last chance to try the gingerbread custard at Shake Shack. (Next Saturday is Christmas, and the one after that is January.) Since we hadn't made it on any other Saturday this month yet, we headed over after dinner, despite being incredibly full from the sushi buffet at dinner.

Maybe we should call this gingerbread custard soup...

I tried it after we got home but waited to hear what A thought before I commented, since I didn't want to affect his perception of it. His first comment? "It tastes like pumpkin pie!" (Not the pie itself, but the pumpkin pie custard at Shake Shack.) That had been the exact reaction I had. It tasted just like pumpkin pie, but with just a little more spice. It didn't really taste like gingerbread to me, but I only had a couple of spoons. A got some more ginger spice in one part of the cup (and that part was heavily spiced with ginger), but mostly it just felt like spiced pumpkin pie.

A's rating: 6.5/10
M's rating: 5/10

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