Friday, December 17, 2010

Chocolate Orange Chestnut Swirl

Tonight we tried the 5th daily custard (yes, we're behind in updating) from Shake Shack's December custard roster: chocolate orange chestnut swirl. We were really excited because chocolate ice cream/custard is always good, and we wanted to try this combination.

Initially, we were a little disappointed. It just tasted like chocolate custard. There's nothing wrong with chocolate custard, and it was a good chocolate custard, but we got this because it was supposed to be more than just chocolate custard. So that was a little disappointing. (This reminds M of when she got sweet corn over the summer and tasted nothing but vanilla the whole time.)

There was one section of the cup that had a small hint of orange, so it doesn't seem like they forgot it. It was just really subtle and overpowered by the chocolate, so it didn't really seem to work. A got some chestnut flavor in a different section of the cup, but M didn't notice that, if she did encounter it at all. A felt the chestnut was as effective as the orange (not very).

So, our conclusion: it's good if it's supposed to be just chocolate custard... but it's not, so it wasn't one of their best.

Chocolate Orange Chestnut Swirl

If it were chocolate:
A's rating: 7/10
M's rating: 7.5/10

For what it really is:
A's rating: 3/10
M's rating: 5/10

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