Sunday, December 12, 2010

Red Velvet Twinkies

Last weekend we ventured over to Park Slope (for the first time, I think) to go to an open house. Afterwards, I was kind of hungry (realized I had only eaten a light breakfast) so we went for a snack before heading to my office.

Trois Pommes Patisserie (on 5th Avenue between Carroll and Garfield) looked so inviting on a cold winter afternoon. (And this rainy Sunday afternoon, with cookies in the oven, made me want to blog about it. Such winter hibernation.)

We got 2 snacks. A's choice (which you can see behind mine in the photo) was the peanut butter pie. It was like a rich Reeses peanut butter cup. (I won't say anything more about it, since it was A's snack, in case he wants to blog about it.)

Can you guess what mine was? (Probably, considering the title here.)

Red velvet twinkies!

The cake was SO good. I wanted more! The twinkie was more cake than cream, which was just fine with me. I should have taken another photo when I finally got to the cream, but the cake was so good that I forgot.

The cake wasn't dry, it didn't feel that heavy (despite being filling and dense), and had the right amount of sweetness. I was quite happy with my snack!

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